Can You Relate??

It’s been a busy week, maybe not as productive as I’d liked it to have been. Sometimes you just have to sit back and reflect on what’s important to you. It really doesn’t matter if it’s important to anyone but you. Sometimes a reprioritization is necessary. We must maintain our sanity at all costs. What’s important to you? Your children, a job, what in this life gives the the happiness you want and deserve? Is having a relationship with someone worth your sanity or inner peace? That would be a big fat NO!!! This has been in another post I did and I talked about abuse, it comes in many forms. The holidays are a big stressor for many people. Take care and help those that are not able to handle the stress help them get the care and guidance they so desperately need during the holidays.

I know who’s important in my life and I know who needs me. I will always be there maybe not in the capacity that you want but in the way I need to so that you know what you have to do and give you the space in which to find your inner strengths.

It says in the Bible that God will never leave us and that is true, but he will allow us to make our mistakes and wrong turns. He did give us free will and if you listen to his voice he tells you what you need to know to make the best decision possible.

I hope that I’ve made you laugh at some of the posts I’ve done, and made you think on some of the others, and maybe just maybe I’ve touched on something that you’ve dealt with and can relate to. Above all know this that these are my opinions and some life experiences that I’ve personally seen or been through. I’m not passing judgement on anyone, simply observations.

As always these are my opinions and mine alone.

Bitches Brew

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