Slow Down Weekend

Well it’s the end of the weekend again seems like we just get started and bam it’s over with. I work 6 days a week so by the time Sunday is here and I do all the stuff that I don’t get to during the week I’ve worked the whole day away. All I have time for is one incredible show on tv and I’m sure any zombie loving fan knows which one I’m talking about. I freaking love that show.

I got to spend some time with my son and daughter in law, and that was awesome. I enjoy having people to my house, well when I’ve had time to clean and I don’t stress out about people coming over and seeing it all cluttered. I’ve never been a good housekeeper in fact I hate cleaning but now if you piss me off I’m a beast at cleaning and can do it all in a matter of a few hours instead of a day and half. Of course having grand babies under foot doesn’t help the cleaning process any, besides it’s more fun to let them play than it is to clean, always an excuse right?

I hope everyone is well and have a laugh a drink or what ever makes you happy. Eat the cake too.

Bitches Brew

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