Well I think I’m finally ready to start celebrating your memories instead of crying over them. It’s been a long long time since I could think of you and not cry.

I’ve grown and changed a lot over the past couple of years, especially last year. I’ve moved on with my life and it’s not hard to mark the changes I had to make to be able to do that. All because you gave me all the tools I needed to do that, just didn’t realize I’d have to do it without you. See no tears.

I’ve been traveling and going places I’d never thought I’d get to do. I have you to thank for giving me the courage to do it, and accept the changes that needed to happen for me to be able to.

Mom you are and will always be my one true hero. You fought for all and never looked back, you defended everyone you knew with a fire in your soul.

I still miss and think of you each and everyday but this time not as many tears fall when I do. I am blessed and grateful that you were my mom. I get to smile more when I do have a memory that comes through that totally reminds me of you.

Just know that I’m ok now and I am taken care of by the most wonderful man. He has given me chances to dream again and to live.

I love you mom


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